Taking that first step toward driving!

As you know, learning to drive is an inevitable part of daily life. Getting around in your own car gives you that much needed dose of independence as well as being a valuable extra skill. But what about taking that first step? What does one need to start taking driving lessons? 

The first step involves applying for a first provisional license. This can only be applied for if you meet the minimum age requirement and are a resident of Great Britain, have a passport or other form of valid identity such as a National Insurance number and birth certificate. There must also be nothing preventing you from learning to drive such as certain health conditions including eyesight problems. (more information can be found at direct.gov.uk)

Once these requirements are met, one will be able to apply for this licence. This can be done online or via the D1 form which can be found at a Post Office. You will need a provisional license to get in any vehicle as a learner driver. Your provisional license will be changed into a full drivers license when you pass both the theory and practical driving tests.

Receiving your provisional license means that you are able to start taking those first driving lessons. For many this means getting in the car and driving for the first time albeit as a learner. This experience can be a little nerve wracking for some, all the more reason why learning with a reputable driving school is a must. Want Driving Lessons is the driving school to learn with! Not only are our qualified driving instructors experienced in teaching, but they are also sensitive to the learner drivers.

You will learn to drive in a confident and productive atmosphere getting the most from each driving lesson with us! Want Driving Lessons is your top choice for quality driving lessons in and around London.   

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