Setting your own speed limit down under!

People migrate to Australia for all sorts of reasons, the sunny climates and the fresh air but setting their own speed limits could be another attraction for travellers headed down under! 

Speed limits are a sore point with drivers and the government alike. Any mention of it normally ends up in debate. Just take the rows over the UK government’s recent plans to introduce a 60mph speed limit on a 30 mile part of the M1!

But could the motorist be the one to select the appropriate speed limit? The idea could be a good one or a very bad one: It all comes down to one’s point of view! Well a report on Australian motoring website, ‘Car Advice’ has claimed that this is the way forward in New South Wales.

The report states that Liberal Democrat Party Senator, David Leyonhjelm, has proposed a way for existing speed limits to be replaced with limits set by drivers. The idea is based on a ’85th percentile’ formula, this works on the assumption that the majority of drivers do not wish to be involved in a road traffic incident. The new limits are therefore based on the monitored speeds travelled by 85% of drivers in areas where there are no limits.

Could this work in the UK? 

In general the UK is a much more congested place compared to Australia. There is a lot of traffic concentrated in a much smaller area too. There are other conditions to take into consideration here such as the harsh weather conditions as well as the terrain. For example we are more prone to lots of snow and ice here, having a speed limit is a must! The idea is a drastic but admirable one nevertheless. Leyonhjelm’s said:

“…Instead of being treated like sinful children and a source of revenue, motorists should be the ones who decide what the limits are…”

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