Reasons to learn to drive today!

We all know that driving is one of the most useful skills that we can have. First of all it allows us our freedom to get to places that may only be accessible by road- yes the world can be your oyster as a driver! But what about the more down to earth reasons that many of us learn to drive for? Here are a few reasons why driving could make you life that whole lot easier!

 1. Getting to work 

Buses and trains are all well and good in the morning, but what about that dreaded commute. Take central London for example. One will have to get into a train let alone find a seat if they are to get to work on time. We’re exhausted by the time we get there too! A warm car journey (if leaving home early enough) can leave you feeling ready for the day ahead!

2. Doing the weekly shop

Perhaps you shop for yourself? Maybe you need groceries and supplies for a larger family? Getting all this on a bus or walking home with it from the supermarket is no fun. So a quick trip in one’s car can make life a whole lot easier- plus there’s plenty of room in the boot.

3. Making hospital or school trips

Being a carer for elderly relatives is a difficult task as the best of times. It will most likely require that one make frequent hospital trips or visits to the family GP. In this case being able to drive is a convenient way to get around with someone who is not able to take public transport. The same goes for dropping off and picking up younger children at school and sports clubs!

All in all not only will driving give you freedom of the open road but a big part of your daily routine. 

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