What makes a good concept car?

Concept car 'Tarantula'

What is a concept car?

Technically a concept car is just a prototype car. A make up of a proposed finished product that boasts some of the best new design features. The prototype gives car engineers, manufacturers as well as the general public a chance to see the car before it is produced on a larger scale. These shiny new test cars will normally be some of the most creative cars around as they are ideas put into reality for the first time in the design process! A chance for car fanatics to see their dream vehicles in their physical reality.

The Cadillac Ciel Concept Car

Where can one find concept cars?

They are made to the highest standards as they have to make an impression that lasts! Concept cars by the larger car manufacturers will be displayed at top car shows all over the world. Motor enthusiasts will often travel through continents just for the chance to see their dream cars turned into a reality!

The Renault DeZir Concept Car

What makes a good concept car?

Put simply, a good concept car will include whatever the imagination allows! Just take a look at the gadget ridden cars in the James Bond movies (minus the weapons) Technology is always moving forwards, so perhaps there will be a chance to control the home heating from the comfort of your car? Maybe there will be an installed Skype style webcam so that one could speak face to face to friends or loved ones? Perhaps the concept cars of the future will transform into boats at the flick of a switch? Maybe they will be able to hover above rough terrain?

Then there are the more realistic advances in technology- tyres with better grip on the road, a stronger breaking system, advanced suspension. In Any case there has never been a more exciting time to be a driver!

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