‘The’ Celebrity car!

If you happen to be a celerity, there are any number of the worlds most stylish cars available for you to drive. Whether it’s a big shiny car or a small sporty one. However one thing that all those celebrity cars will have in common is the security- with millions of fans it’s only natural that you would want a car to keep you safe right?

Audi are known for making powerful cars, but they have now come out with the A8 L Security armoured car. This is where the traditional luxury that Audi is known for meets security. But there is more to this stylish and safe Audi limo than first meets the eye!

The Audi A8 L Security conforms to the highest levels of protection criteria when it comes to civilian vehicles. In lay mans terms this means that the car uses class 7 bullet resistant armour. This is tested against ‘NATO sub-caliber ammunition.’! You can be guaranteed that your car will be able to withstand almost anything that’s fired at you!

Adding armour adds weight, so the A8 L Security gets a choice of Audi’s 435hp 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 or its massive 500hp 6.3-litre W12.

This car is big AND fast! Along with the extra protection for occupants, the long base of the A8 measures a huge 5.27 metres in length! It will speed up from 0-62 mph in 7.1 seconds. Not only is it swift it’s protection makes it one of the most sturdiest cars around at the moment.

But there’s more on the inside. This car has an intercom system that allows passengers to communicate with the outside world. This could help get rid of would-be assailants! Were not sure how but there could be something you might say to put them of!

Nevertheless a stylish car that might even help protect Justin Beiber from all his fans!

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