Sleeping at the wheel

Life is hectic at the best of times, so catching that quick nap is a real luxury if we can get it! But sleeping at the wheel? Even when in heavy traffic?

A survey found that nearly half of male drivers in the UK admit to having fallen asleep at the wheel at some point. The road safety charity ‘Brake’ as well as insurance company Direct Line were responsible for the findings. 31% of all drivers admit to nodding off at the at the wheel. This may have meant falling asleep for between two and 30 seconds. While two seconds might not seem like a long time to doze off, it is long enough to cause a fatal accident.

This amount is compared to 22% for female drivers. When getting into the car feeling tired, it’s worth remembering that more than 300 people die each year as a result of tired drivers. Brake is calling for serious action from the government to cut down on these figures, hopefully eradicating them completely. Part of the charities aims are for more well publicized campaigns as well as a review of safe stopping places on motorways.

Julie Townsend of Brake said: “The frightening fact that so many drivers, especially men, have head-nodded at the wheel is horrifying. This is made worse by not recognising that they are about to fall asleep, even briefly…”

She goes onto say:

“…This survey shows that this is down to people failing to make sure that they always get sufficient sleep before starting out on their journeys. We need all drivers to understand that ‘head nodding’ is falling asleep and is just as dangerous! This can easily lead to catastrophe, but it can be prevented.”

We hope to see the number of fatal accidents to do with tiredness fall rapidly with the governments intervention this year.

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