Theory Test Training at Want Driving Lessons!

Step one of getting to be that great independent driver is to pass the theory test. To pass with flying colours however, one will need to have covered all the basics as well as the more complicated parts of the theory. This is where the right training will be of vital help!

Want Driving Lessons offer a comprehensive training package that will ensure that you pass the driving theory test. Even if you have had some training at another driving school, join us and we will equip you with all the tools that you need in order to pass.

1) The Want Driving Lessons exclusive Theory Test Training pack- You will have access to this online course from anywhere with your own unique username and password. There will be plenty of test questions as well as hazard perception clips to train with.

2) You will have the option to enroll on any one of our crash course in theory at our North London tuition centre. There are both one and two day courses to choose from. As well as working in small groups of six or less, there will be more than enough time to speak directly with one of our qualified and experienced tutors. You will also have a selection of current hazard perception clips to practice with here.

3) As well as learning everything you need to know from the right text books, we realise that it is just as important to have the relevant practical experience too. Each and everyone of our experienced driving tutors will take you onto the roads and answer all your theory test questions.

Thinking about taking your theory test soon? Worried that you might not b up to standard? Get in touch with us to see how we can help you on 0203 086 7988 or directly via our website or  Facebook page.


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