The Honda Uni-Cub Beta


Tokyo is a place known for being quirky! This part of the world is responsible for all sorts of new and ingenious gadgets that are meant to make our lives easier. However nothing could prepare us for what was unveiled at the Tokyo car show at the end of 2013!

We first had the Segway, a means of travelling without actually having to walk. Somewhere between your feet and a car, this was and still is massively popular in many parts of the world. But now we have the Uni-Cub Beta!

It’s small and fast: The Uni-Cub Beta from Honda could make getting around town a unique experience. The difference here is that one can sit on it as opposed to standing as you ride it along the city streets.

You have a parking brake under the back seat. As soon as this is lifted, a pair of foot pedals appear. The walking world is then your oyster. Unfortunately it’s not a vehicle for speed freaks, this nifty little run around travels at about 3 mph. Previous models have ridden  up to 9 mph!

While the general controls on the gadget are fairly easy to use, it’s turning the corners that can be a little tricky. One has to learn to balance the weight of the body to do this.

Then there is the issue of battery life. The Uni- Cub Beta’s battery doesn’t last very long as it’s currently designed. They are not the most convenient for the taller travelers either, as the model was created with the average eight of driver in mind. At present they are on lease only in Japan, how practical they will be for the majority of the population, only time will tell!

In the meantime it’s behind the wheel for the rest of us who want to get around town effectively and safely!

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