Beckham and son Brooklyn involved in a car accident


David and Victoria Beckham are possibly some of the most famous people in the world. Between them they have had an exciting footballing career, a fashion label and one of the most lavish weddings to date! But even the rich and famous can still get into those tricky situations! Ex-footballer David and his eldest son Brooklyn Beckham were involved in minor car accident outside their Beverley Hills home this week. Just a few minutes after returning from the gym with his wife Victoria and their family, David Beckham left the family home again this time with Brooklyn when the disaster happened. Driving to the end of the drive and his car was involved in a collision with another vehicle.

The shiny black Range Rover was a new addition to the Beckham’s already vast collection of motors. After the accident the SUV had it’s bumper knocked off completely. It collided with a Acura MDX, an equally as powerful four by four vehicle. It wasn’t long after driving off from outside the home that the accident happened, in fact it occurred at the end of the Beckham driveway! Fortunately none of the passengers on both sides of the collision were hurt. The police were quick to arrive on the scene, and officers were invited to complete their reports inside the Beckham household.

Although this wasn’t a serious accident in terms of road traffic incidents. But Beckham did the right thing by reporting it to the authorities even though there were no injuries.

There are a few things that Want Driving Lessons recommend all drivers do after any collision or road traffic accident. Take down the other parties personal details as well as insurance contact details. You will have to do the same with your own information. Letting the police know of the incident is all important too. If one does not report it there could be implications later on when it comes to insurance pay outs.

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