St Jude’s storm devastation

As you will have no doubt seen in the news and outside- winds of up to 90 mph have battered much of the United Kingdom, especially the south east region.

Severe weather warnings were issued for Sunday night and Monday morning urging drivers in particular not to make any unnecessary trips where it was possible to avoid them. The storm is said to be dwindling and ending at some point on Monday. But here are just some pictures of the devastation that the storm has left for car drivers!


This Polo won’t be going anywhere as it ha become jammed underneath a tree overnight. Th incident happened overnight so there were no passengers on board at the time. But we are pretty sure that this car is a most definite write-off!


It’s not just parked cars that the storm seems to have targeted. Trees have been partially blocking roads making this morning’s commute a disaster for those making the trip. Although this large tree has blocked a major part of this main road, it’s not stopping this 4×4 and other cars in their journey’s this morning.


The hurricane force winds have forced this road in Turnpike Lane, north London to be partially cordoned off for the duration of the storm. Never the less this bus driver with their passengers are trying to brave the storm as best they can. Although we don’t think it would have made it very far!


This has to be every car driver’s worst nightmare! There is practically nothing left of this once very nice Mitsubishi. Victim to a very large falling tree, just another example of the extreme devastation that the St Jude storm has left in it’s wake!


The sheer force of the wind can be seen in this one picture. The tree featured has been snapped like a mere twig! Although we should be seeing the end of the storm today Want Driving Lessons still suggest only making those journey’s if absolutely necessary!


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