How do you know when you are ready to pass the driving test?

Taking quality driving lessons is all well and good, but there will come a point when even the most patient of driving pupils will want to take the driving test and get on the roads as a fully fledged driver.

But just how can you tell if you are ready to take the theory, Hazard Perception and practical tests?

First of all a decent amount of personal revision and practice can help one prepared for the theory test. This has to b doe in one’s on time however Want Driving Lessons offer an online theory test package. This can be taken anywhere that there is internet access. Your own password and username will allow you personal access to this course at home or at university.

In terms of the practical driving test, there is one big sign that you could be ready. Each of the driving instructors at Want Driving Lessons are qualified and experienced in the field of driving. They have helped many students in your area pass the driving test and know the signs to look our for. One of them being the ability to drive without instruction while the tutor is with you in the car. The pupil will instinctively know when to change gears and to use the clutch pedal. This instinct will also apply to dealing with road conditions such as traffic or roundabouts. Each and every one of our driving tutors will train you to deal with all even eventualities. You will be prepared for dual carriage ways as well as turning into side roads, parking and turns in the road.

Each of our driving pupils will require a different amount of driving lessons and theory practice before they are at the right level of preparation. Your driving instructor will in any case let you know exactly when you are ready and will encourage you to take the driving test.




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