Will your next car be an electric one?

Thee have been many survey’s into the true costs of running a car. Whether you car is a petrol run, diesel, hybrid. But electric cars seem to be stealing the limelight in the world of motoring at the moment. For example take their innovative position on helping the environment. You won’t have to go far to find someone who will be telling you all about the many fine virtue’s of this very green way of getting around. But what if you are just looking for a car to get you from A to B? The choices can be baffling but here is the thing- are electrically run cars actually better for the environment that diesel or petrol cars?
It’s not as easy to calculate the true cost of any car to the earth’s atmosphere. As yet there is no scale of measurement that could help. But car manufacturing giant Renault have decided to help with this issue and have set to work with their team of car geeks!

Renault along with a handful of other companies have started to put together what is known as a ‘life cycle assessment’. To date this is the only real way of understanding the full effect that a particular car has on its surroundings. But going through the 116 page report of results that this testing results in is not easy task.

But Renault’s study is a valuable resource into how our cars work especially when it comes to how environmentally friendly they are. The study compares the life cycles of petrol, diesel as well as electrical cars to come out with a good set of results. Although we do not have any definitive answers yet, it’s studies like these that could one day help us decide on the next car we buy! But we wouldn’t cancel our subscription of Autotrader just yet!


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