Trailer and Caravan Training B + E Course

Are you a car driver who has passed the driving test on or after the 1st of Januray 1997? If so you will be required to take and pass an additional car test to drive vehicles in the B and E categories. These include all larger vehicles too.

As well as having to do this new driving test, drivers will have to meet certain medical standards in order to drive in the following categories of vehicle: C1, C1+E, D1 AND D1+E. 

But new allowances came into force earlier in January this year. So from the 19th of January 2013 all drivers who have passes a Category B driving test will be able to tow small trailers that weigh no more than 750 kg in weight. They will also be able to tow a trailer that is no more than 750kg in weight where the trailer and towing vehicle do not weight ore than a total of 3,500kg.

If you do wish to tow a trailer that is bigger then the required 750kg weight you will need to pass a further driving test that will entitle you to drive with trailers up to 3,500 kg in weight. 

Thinking about taking the test? Speak to Want Driving Lessons directly to find out more on the test itself as well as the exclusive training that we offer. We have one day, two day and half day training courses available for all drivers in your home town. Which course you take will be down to how much experience you have in driving with a trailer in tow. The two day course is designed for the complete beginner while the half a day course is for those wishing to simply brush up on skills before the test.

You will receive one to one training available on the weekends and evening. Get in touch with Want Driving Lessons to find out more on taking the B+E driving test training and test!


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