Aiming for perfection!


You may think that the driving test or pass plus course will test those driving skills to the highest levels. While this is true there are driving tests for instructors that wish to take these to the furthest limits. Becoming an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) is an achievement in itself, but there are voluntary tests for those instructors wishing to be the best that they can be.

Who can take the test? Anyone who happens to be an ADI or a fully qualifie Motorcycle Driving Instructor. Cardington assessed compulsory basic training (CBT) instructor’s are also able to to take the examination to test their finely tuned driving skills. Direct Access Scheme Trainer as well as Register of Post-Test Motorcycle Trainer’s.

The test itself: The test can only be taken at the DSA training and development centre in Cardington, Bedford. There is a fee of £144 for ADI’s to take the test and £163 to tae the Motorcycle Instructor version of the test. The test itself lasts up to one and a half hours and includes an eyesight check. The driver will be tested on his or her skill in general driving or riding. here will also be a time allocated for the testing of manoeuvres.

Thinking about testing your skills to the max as a driving instructor? You will need to download and fill out the application for the DSA Special test for Approved Driving Instructor which can be found on the DSA’s website.  Once booked you will need to bring along your driving license as well as your ADI certificate. As well as these papers you will need a prepared manual or automatic car, there is the option to use an adapted car if you have a disability, however it is important to let the DSA know of this prior to taking the test.

Although this is not a compulsory part of your driving career, it could be an interesting practice in terms of your own driving skills!


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