Fuel prices to be slashed again!

Driving is not the cheapest of ways to get around, with insurance, the cost of regular repairs and fuel! But the good news is that supermarkets are now slashing those fuel prices! Sainsbury’s stores are reducing its petrol by 6p a litre it’s diesel prices will be cut by up to 4p a litre. There’s never a better time to start driving!

This means that customers will pay 129.9p a litre for petrol and 136.9p for diesel. The reductions came into force last Friday.

It’s not just Sainsbury’s that are making these cuts, Asda is getting in on the action and cutting prices too. This stores customers will pay no more than 128.7p a litre for petrol and 135.7p for it’s diesel.

These two leading supermarkets will no doubt have a price war on their hands with each vying for the most custom. And quite rightly too! After all this could make things more than  a little easier on our pockets in the long run!

Andy Peake the petrol trading director for Asda said: “Families across Britain are crying out for help when it comes to financial costs of running a car and managing their budgets. We know every fuel reduction makes a real difference.”

Richard Crampton the head of fuel at Sainsbury’s supermarket said: “We want all of our driving customers to benefit from the recent drop in the wholesale price of fuel.”

Tesco is next to follow suite, there are speculations that it will soon be cutting it’s costs by 3p and it’s diesel by up to 2 pence in the very near future.

We are pretty impressed that major fuel retailers are offering some great savings to the public. Hopefully new drivers will not be put off from driving because of the normally increasing costs! Although these savings might seem like small ones they certainly add up long term!




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