Are you feeling the fog?

This week we have seen some of the foggiest driving conditions- most notably in the mornings. This is a big sign that we are entering autumn- but are we prepared for the cooler months?

On Tuesday morning there was a pile up on the A249 Sheppey crossing in Kent. The muddle involved around 130 vehicles. The AA believes that the design of the bridge could have been a contributing factor towards the incident. But many of the eyewitnesses there believe the fog caused it.

It’s likely that there will be a lot more of this weather to come, so being prepared will be the right thing to do. We all know that heavy fog will instantly reduce visibility. Even on the roads that you feel you know well, it is important that the right precautions are taken both on and in your vehicle. Keeping your car in good working condition is paramount. If you haven’t visited the garage since your last MOT and feel that you should- now is the time to do it. In particular make sure that your fog lights and headlights are up to scratch. It’s these that will help get you through the fog making you visible to other drivers. Have the car’s battery as well as horn looked at too.

Fog comes with the colder weather, and although we are not in the depths of winter just yet it will pay to keep a blanket and supplies of water with you when driving- even on the shorter journey’s in and around your home town.

Fog is one of those weather conditions that comes and goes. It ca arrive suddenly and dissipate just as quickly. Although weather forecasters have a good idea about where these patches are there is no real forecasting it. But with the right preparations, you can get through the fog safely and with ease!

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