Old Age Driving in the UK

A shocking survey has found that for the first time ever, the number of over 70′s driving on the roads has reached four million. This is according to the RAC Foundation who carried out the survey. The oldest found on the list is actually a 107 year old woman! There are a total of 191 people over the age of 100 who are currently driving with full licenses.

However once a driver has reached 70 they are required to declare whether or not they are fit to drive, and they can do this without a full medical examination. This declaration needs to be done every three years after this landmark birthday. But there have been  concerns about some elderly drivers continuing to drive when they are clearly not fit to do so. Other more competent drivers also feel the need to give up driving too early.

The research charity ‘Rica’ has been working with the RAC Foundation to publish a guide for older people. This publication will help older drivers understand the law when it comes to driving. The leaflet will cover modifications they can make to their vehicles and driving habits to keep them on the road safely.

The publication will also help older drivers to self assess whether they are fit enough to drive. Also coping when stopping is also covered. As this can be quite an emotional upheaval, especially for drivers who have driven all their lives.

Despite all this, older drivers are known to be some of the safest on the roads, with in most cases an enviable safety record! But it can often be difficult to know when the right time is to stop driving. There is support from the DVLA as well as RAC for those who believe that now is the right time due to safety or health reasons.

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