The AeroSeven Concept car unveiled!

What exactly is the Aero Seven? Well quite simply it is one of recent designs most unusual concept cars. A cross between a few pieces of Lego, a Rubik cube as well as shop sign, this will surely make this unveiling a piece of motoring history. The AeroSeven was revealed this week in Singapore to a really mixed reception.

This very colourful concept car will be arriving in the autumn of next year. The car was shown off just before this last weekends F1 Grand Prix, so we can only imagine what the racing fanatics thought! Regardless of what we think about this shiny bright designer motor, it’s been causing more than a stir on social networks already.

It’s not a car that is to everyone’s liking. The main body is made up of a kind of frog green with very bright yellow accents. However on the plus side the car’s shape is a pretty sleek one. It’s a very sporty looking two seater so by no stretch of the imagination is this a boring staid looking family estate!

Here’s the science bit: This model is based on the Caterham Seven CSR chassis. For those F1 car geeks out there they will know this includes fully independent rear and F1-style front suspension. However this is not just another typical Caterham, there is traction control as well as full launch control, something that has not been seen in these cars until now.

For those of you who are new to Caterham’s, take note that these cars are not known for fancy interiors. They are after all a sports car, so the insides have tended to be functional more than for comfort. But there are some quirks to driving this car. The flash GDU or ‘Graphical Display Unit’ is pretty swish along with the F1 inspired controls. We look forward to seeing how popular the Aero Seven becomes!


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