Car Parking Conkers!

It’s hard to ever imagine that there would be a link between the school ground game and car parking but apparently now there is! You wont have to pay for parking with cash according to a new scheme being tried out. Instead drivers taking part in the trials will be paying for their space with Conkers!

According to the organizers, one conker will be the same amount as 20p would normally. These will technically give drivers free parking from the 16th to the 22nd of September! This is all in aid of a wider environmental scheme that hopes to raise awareness of high levels of Carbon emissions being produced from UK cars. The Town Centre Car Parks involved in the scheme are in Leeds and Manchester. Conkers (also known as horse chestnut tree seeds) will be used instead of regular cash. The TCCP plan to use funds to sponsor UK forests to help fight pollution caused by car emissions.

There’s only a couple of days left, especially for those who happen to live near the Merrion Centre, Leeds, Clarence Dock, Leeds, and 30 Tariff Street, Manchester.

But drivers beware that only the most perfect conkers will be accepted by car parking attendants! But you will have the opportunity to use up to £10 worth of free parking until the trial is over-That equates to about fifty conkers.

Although this is seen to be a fun and quirky way to raise awareness of how badly polluted some places can be, we wonder if more schemes like this will be rolled out across the country? Even though it is not directly helping to ease pollution in these area’s, perhaps it may encourage a few drivers to think about ecological driving? Only time will tell, until then we will be collecting our conkers just in case a conker car park comes to our town!

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