Driving with Babies on board

Bringing a new life into the world is a feeling unlike any other. Your newborn will be the most precious thing that you have, so safety at all times is important whether it is in the home or out on the roads! It is natural to be paranoid about everything when travelling with a newborn child for the first time. Safety is something that we should always think about and even more so when baby is on board. The thought of taking our little ones for a drive can be overwhelming, making us a little nervous. But there are ways to make this first drive an easy one, consider a few of our basic tips to help:

When thinking about leaving home with the very tiny newborns we would suggest not travelling unless absolutely necessary. If you do they will need a properly fitted car seat. Holding onto them or holding them down by arms and legs is not an option. A seat belt will not be enough to hold onto their little frames.

There should be no distracts as you drive with your baby, this means no mobile phones or tablets beeping in the background. It is important for the driver to focus fully on the road and what is happening around you.

Preparation is key to driving with babies. Make sure that everything is in place before one sets off. This means that baby is snugly fitted into the baby seat that is securely fitted into the back seat before driving off. It’s also good to keep supplies with you-nappies and milk at the right temperature, possibly carried in a thermos. Blankets for warmth should the worst happen and you find yourself stranded.

Driving with little ones, especially the very little one’s is a very serious business and should be taken as such. With some of these tips however the ride shouldn’t be too difficult or nerve wracking!

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