Oppsie: Google Street Maps get into a pickle!

We have all heard about those missions going badly but not with Google surely! Well even reputable companies like this one can slip up every now and again. Apparently only last week a driver in the middle of filming footage for Google street maps slammed into two vehicles. He did this as he was making his getaway from an earlier crash. The incident happened in the Bogor district of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The driver in question had been in a Subaru hatchback complete with Google’s logo and a camera poking from the roof (which is a bit of a giveaway). The driver hit a minivan to begin with but accompanied the minibus driver and damaged van to a garage. But worrying about the high costs of the repairs he then sped off in his Google covered car as he was chased by the minivan driver. The high speed chase went one for about two miles before the Google’d car hit another set of vehicles.

If that wasn’t bad enough he tried to flee this second collision too- talk about having a bad day! He eventually can to a standstill as he hit a parked truck, at which point he finally gave up trying to run. The driver has not been yet named and is currently being questioned by police. But the good news it that payments for all the damage has been sorted out amounting to about 200,000 rupiah or £11 in UK currency.

Google have not commented on this unfortunate series of events.  But it is well known that Google have run into trouble especially with collecting street view video footage. Street view allows users to roam the streets without having to leave the comfort of their seats. Google maps are an invaluable asset to all drivers!

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