Manual to automatic driving lessons

For many years driving  a manual vehicle was a given. This was because there was not other type of car. However automatic driving started to become popular on the streets of London in the 1980′s. More and more of us were driving those sleek automatic vehicles, there was only one problem- how to drive them. While the general idea is the same, the automatic car is laid out in a totally different way. The controls are different for a start. There is no gear stick as such, the level in it’s place is a central control system instead. The different options available are ‘Park’, ‘Reverse’, ‘Neutral’ and ‘Drive’ as opposed to gears 1 to 5 on a regular manual car.

Then there is the layout of the pedals, there is no clutch as the change in gears is done automatically by the cars engine. Pretty sophisticated stuff? Yes it is but keep in mind that automatic vehicles will naturally use up more fuel. They are not cheap to buy because of the high end technological advancements. But if this hasn’t but if this hasn’t put you off here are somethings to know about automatic driving:

Firstly that Want Driving Lessons offer fully comprehensive automatic driving lessons for you area of London, Greater London or Luton. Driving an automatic vehicle after you have passed with a manual car is accepted, but driving a manual after having passed in an automatic car is not. If you are thinking of going from manual to automatic we recommend taking a few automatic driving lessons with our qualified tutors. They will be able to introduce and guide you through using these different controls effectively and safely. You will be put through your paces and undergo several different excises to help prepare you for automatic driving on the streets in your area.

Get in touch directly with Want Driving Lessons about quality driving lessons in your area on 0203 086 7899.

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