Too small to drive?

For most of the driving population, size does not come into it. Many drivers are of a regular size and are able to easily reach the inside controls of a car. But what about if you happen to be on the shorter side? After all we come in all shapes and sizes as human beings so there’s bound to be a section of the population that will be vertically challenged. But should this stop you learning to drive?

The simple answer is a resounding ‘No’! As long as you are over 16, you are able to legally drive a car. In some cases it may not be easy to reach all of the controls with your hands and feet. It may not be easy to see over the steering wheel because of height issues. But there are some useful things you can do to help make driving a little easier.

What you can do about it

It is worth remembering that most car models tend to be an average size, however there are smaller cars on the market that could be a better drive. This will also stop your car looking like it’s driving itself on the roads in and around your hometown!

But if you happen to have a bigger car already there are some fittings that could help your cause. The simplest idea’s can sometimes be the most effective ones, for example a cushion! For the very small framed peoples a pillow on the seat could give just enough extra height needed to see over the dashboard! This is a good idea if you are sharing your vehicle with others. The pillow can be kept in the boot or back seat for your next drive!

For something more permanent look into having the seat adjusted. Many good garages can help you adjust your seating so that it fits your frame properly. You will not have to sacrifice a long and happy driving career for the sake of a few inches!


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