Bad Driving Habits and how to avoid them!

Failure to use one's side mirrors could result in a road traffic accident.

Most drivers after a time will begin to develop those bad and sometimes dangerous driving habits. But not that this is not done on purpose, they just happen naturally often because of lifestyle as well as time pressures. Here are some examples of bad driving habits and how to reverse them!

Cutting out the cockpit drill: It’s the first task recommended when starting that journey. Using one’s side as well as rear view mirrors will ensure that the space around the car is clear and your vehicle can move away safely. However with time pressures you could find that you literally just jump into the car and drive off without making those checks.

The solution: Leave a minute or two to make these important checks before driving off. While it may seem like wasting time, this matter of a few seconds could mean the difference between life and death especially if you happen to live in a busy area.

Not using one or both wing mirrors: Side mirrors are there to help you have a greater vision of the road. By avoiding them you will instantly eliminate this.

The solution: It is simple one! Make a habit of using these mirrors regularly especially when making those turnings. A few seconds to check before turning into that junction or side road will be all that is needed. In time this will come naturally to you.

Eating or using a mobile phone: Find that you are always strapped for time? A quick snack in the car on the way to that meeting could increase those chances of an accident.

The solution: Not eating especially if you happen to be a Diabetic can be very dangerous too. Leave enough time to eat while you are in a stationary position. There is nothing stopping you from eating in a car just don’t do it while you are driving.

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