Monday Drivers

Want Driving Lessons will help you be that safe Monday driver!

We all know that about the Sunday driver phenomenon! The unofficial rule that says that ‘occasional’ drivers only really come out on the weekends to (in the old days) go to church or for that party or weekend get together. These drivers are seen to be slow and slightly annoying when on the roads- however is the cult of the Sunday driver still a legitimate one? After all the pace of life has changed somewhat since the 1950′s.

Take a look around and you will find that drivers are out on the roads seven days a week. There seems to be a new driving mystery- the ‘Monday’ driver! Yes these folk are the people who drive absolutely everywhere. In fact the majority of them will drive as part pf their jobs. Driving to these people is more of a lifestyle than a mode of transportation. However there have been studies into these weekday drivers and their driving techniques. For example AXA the insurance company claim that Monday is the worst day of the week to be driving a van.

Monday is the most dangerous day of the week to drive a van, according to motor insurer AXA. The insurance company did a survey into it’s accident insurance claims throughout 2012. They found that the number of these lowered as the week went on. Vans were found to be 15% more likely to be in an accident on Monday than they were on a Friday.

However the trend was reversed for the weekend! Van drivers were actually 50% less likely to have an accident on Saturdays and Sundays. In many cases AXA said that they would have put the decline in the number of accidents down to less traffic on the roads. There are no school runs on the weekend as well as a very decreased number of people driving into work.

However Want Driving Lessons recommend practicing those safe driving skills no matter what day of the week it is!

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