A Skoda ice cream van?!

Can we believe our eyes? Apparently Skoda the Czech car manufacturer have supersized the traditional ice cream van. Yes they have made it massive! Before you run to your windows to see if there is a giant ice cream van near you- there is only one of these at present! This monster machine was created to celebrate the launch of Skoda’s Octavia vRS, the fastest Skoda known to man at the present time! It is touring the UK as we speak and giving away free ice-cream to the public.

The giant ice cream van measures over 21 feet. It weighs a huge 5.5 tonnes. It has taken over three weeks to make. If you happen to miss it you can still see it in the new advert for the Octavia vRS which will be airing early next week.

But if you do happen to be in Bournemouth for the Air Festival from the 29th August to the 1st September you can see the giant ice cream truck which will be serving free ice cream. You can find the Ice cream van also at the Royal County of Berkshire show in Newbury from Saturday the 21st September to the Sunday 22nd September. It can also be found at the ‘King of the Mountains’ stages at the Tour of Britain.

Heidi Cartledge who is the Head of Marketing for Skoda UK said the following: ‘The Octavia vRS is by no means your average family car. So our design team have come up with an ice cream van that is far from average too! The giant Skoda ice cream van will be touring up and down the country over the rest of the summer. It will be handling about 6,500 servings of free giant ice cream! It will offer members of public a chance to see how fun an VRS can be!

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