And the number one best selling car is…

Yes shocking but true- the UK bestselling car is in fact the Little Tikes ‘Cozy Coupe’! It beat off it’s competition by selling a whopping 143,000 little cars last year. Even beating the favourite Ford Fiesta which pales in comparison with only 109,625 cars sold last year. According to our maths that makes the little Cozy Coupe 30% more popular than the old favorite.

So according to these figures this makes the toy car the most popular ‘car’ on sale here in the UK!

So far this year there have been around 72,496 brand new Cozy Coupes in homes up and down the country. This has already beaten sales figures for other leading car manufacturers. But we know that they like to keep things close to their chest when it comes to their sales. But taking a rought estimate we make that already about 15% more than the leading Ford model.

While it is up there as one of the best- would we dare take it out during rush hour? Or in fact anywhere on South Circular? Just think of the chaos that would ensue! But it is the perfect way to get around for little feet in the garden or at the local park.

But to celebrate the fact that it has outsold all it’s competitors (even though it is not a real car!) Little Tikes have created an adult sized version. It’s exactly the same as the little iconic cars only much much bigger! You have all the advantages of the roof and super funky colour.

Ok so you may get abuse from fellow road users, in most cases you will be pulled over by the cops. But the best thing about this model is the lack of fuel costs you will incur. Put away the keys to your car and go for one of these!








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