Things that you can find in the shed!

The garden shed is just one of those places where things are ‘kept’, like old childhood collectibles and toys. Perhaps it’s a storage place for the Christmas tree or garden furniture? We love our classic looking cars here at Want Driving Lessons! There is just something awesome about driving around in a sleek shiny vintage Bentley if one can get hold of it. So we were mega excited at what was found in disused Barn recently:

A whole collection of classic cars built up over a ten year period was found in a barn. Yes there are about 50- 60 of these classic motors. Some of the most prominent pieces that were found were early Porsche 911 models. They were still packed after having been in transit from the United States. These stunning cars had not even been driven yet!

Ok so some of these car models found have certainly seen better days. The collector seemed to be more interested in amassing the huge collection rather than restoring them. But the Porshe’s found could easily fetch a tidy sum, especially with this year being the 911′s 50th birthday. The find came at a perfect time!

The cars in the collection range from very ‘lived in’ to ‘ready to roll’! But in all cases the cars that need a bit of TLC can be given the right parts as well as a bit of sprucing up. Once this happens they are sure to make someone a lovely addition to a personal classic cars collection.

Take a look at thisĀ 1960 Porsche 356B Cabrio that was also found in the haul. The paintwork can do with a little tidying up but other than that it looks ready to get out on the open road! This two seater convertible makes the perfect summer car!

Just goes to show, you never know what treasures can be found in those outdoor storehouses!


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