The Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro

Audi make some of the most reliable and stylish cars around, but we bet you’ve never seen one like this! This car featured in the upcoming science fiction film ‘Ender’s Game’. This model is named the┬áthe Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro. Talk about super sleek! The body work is to die for. Created in the deep metallic shades of silver grey and black, the top section almost entirely features of an elongated windscreen. Check out those turbo charged light up tyres. We absolutely adore the 3 dimensional light up hub caps. We think you will agree this is a pretty lush looking motor!


But there is the thing….

It’s not actually real! It’s just a very clever piece of digital CGI. The car has a few strong scenes in the movie where it appears to be very real. The main stars seem like they are zipping around in this classy space age looking machine. It’s shocking (and a little disappointing) that it’s not really there!

The Batmobile, the chic fleet of cars that James Bond travelled in as well as the Back to the Future DeLorean time travelling machine are all legendary cars that have made it onto the classic’s list. The original film set versions can easily fetch into the millions at auction. Just imagine what this car would go for if sold!

The danger is that this Movie only Audi could become an iconic car too! Could we see Audi rolling out the Fleet Shuttle Quattro once the film has made it’s mark? If so this car would feature some very landmark design elements that would never have even been comprehended before!

Well they do say that technological advancements are strongly influenced by science fiction fantasy. Watch this space for some very slinky new models in the near future!

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