Secondhand driving: Finding the right used car for you!

You’ve passed your driving test, the next step if you have not already done so is to get yourself a motor (that is car in Del boy speak) but where do you start your search…?

Secondhand cars are a good option for a newer driver. They are already ‘broken in’ like a pair of comfy shoes. A good used car will have already proved it’s worth and driven a few hundred miles already. Then there is the price, secondhand cars will always be a cheaper option than investing in a brand new car. Where does one find a good secondhand car to see them through the first few years of independent driving? Here are a few good sources:

Auto Trader: One of the country’s biggest used car retailers are also online. A valuable resource for people whether they are in the market for a second hand car or wish to sell one.

Loot: Like Auto Trader Loot began life as a classified magazine. Although this one advertises everything from property to home and garden furniture. But the motoring section is pretty good, there maybe something for you!

Local garages/ second hand car sales: Take a walk round most London neighbourhoods and there is bound to be a used car salesperson around. Check them out online to make sure that they are reputable retailers before putting down hard earned cash on a car.

Word of mouth: This is also a reliable source when it comes to seeking out the perfect used car. In fact even better if it from a family member or friend who you can trust. However we recommend making sure that all the paper work is done as though it were a professional transaction (as it should still count as one).

Personal advertising: You might see a car with a price tag displayed on the windshield. While it is ok to find out we recommend being cautious as often the history of the car is unknown. If you do have to have it get it checked out thoroughly beforehand.

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