Top Creepy Vans

Although Halloween is not here yet, it’s not far off! It won’t be long until things start to get a little creepy around here. Have you spotted your local neighbourhood creepy van yet? Yes there maybe someone having a snooze in the back- or there could be something a lot more sinister! We are thinking like the gateway to another dimension and the forces of evil perhaps? There is really no telling what’s in the back of that weird looking van- If you have your suspicions we highly recommend not finding out. Here are some very creepy examples:

Yes it is still the season of picnics and water fights, but would you seriously consider buying your 99 flake with sprinkles from this van? Would you even tempt fate with a Calippo?It looks a bit suss to us even with the peace signs!

It’s more than a clean that this children’s toy van needs! All of a sudden ‘Santa’s secret shop’ doesn’t seem so appealing. Who knows whats lurking in there?!

Not so much creepy as it is funny! We are pretty sure that the famous boy wizard didn’t travel by clapped out looking mini van. Well not judging by the books anyhow.

We can’t see the children queuing up for this summer club van. To sat that it is not appealing enough is an understatement! Nothing but a very creepy looking sign on a creepy bus. More importantly where is the driver? Do they even have a full driving licence?

The ‘Free Candy’ van has been doing the rounds on the internet. It has become a meme in it’s own right! It creepy but very funny too! We only hope that no one actually takes this van seriously and get’s into the van!

While massages are up there on the ‘best things’ list- from a man or woman in a random van? Hmm not sure about that! We might stick to the beauty salon instead.



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