Top nicked cars of 2012

Car crime has always been a problem especially in the larger cities of the U.K, but there are certain cars that are targeted by thieves. A survey into the cars most likely to be stolen revealed that Mercedes cars were a key aim for criminals.

In fact four Mercedes models made the list! Even though the CLS and E-Class cars might be among the bigger and less sporty looking of cars, they were surprisingly popular. The premium family cars were a big part of the £12.5m cars that were stolen last year.

You might be thinking that the more sporty numbers would be the biggest targets- the little two door streamlined vehicles that can zip in and out of city traffic with ease. But like the larger Mercedes models the list revealed another surprising trend!

The BMW X6 is not there on the top most attractive SUV’s but it seemed to be a big hit with the car thieves! ¬†In fact anything with a BMW badge was most likely eyed up by the criminals. Even now the trend is still going strong with a whopping 50% of stolen cars being BMWs.

This is even more so for the BMW M5, for many it is the best in the 5 Series. One of the many reasons that it is desired by the criminals. We can understand why this one would be so popular, it’s twin-turbo V8 engine is very impressive with 560hp.

It goes without saying that the luxury SUV’s are targets too. ¬†Unfortunately it is a sad fact that many of these larger cars will end up in containers destined for the black market.

It is difficult to out do the car thieves however much you try. Keeping car keys hidden, parking in well lit spaces even better in a secure garage could all help deter them.

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