You will not believe your eyes: Driving without a steering wheel!

You’ve probably heard of people hot wiring cars and using coat hangers for aerials but this is taking bad driving to the extreme!

While every country has it’s own driving rules and regulations there are a few things that all drivers have in common. These things will remain the same no matter where one happens to live. For example most of our vehicles will normally come equipped with four or more wheels with adequate grip for the terrain it will be driving on. Then there will be a fully functioning gear box as well as signalling levers. Last but possibly one of the most important things is a steering wheel!

Australian police pulled over a car with two blown tyres as it was driving through Adelaide. The Holden Sedan was a danger to other drivers as well as pedestrians. They found the car to be un-registered and not insured, but wait there. But wait there is more to come!

Yes what you are seeing above is completely real- apparently it is possible to drive without a steering wheel in Australia! Once the police walked over they were bewildered to find that the driver had been using a pair of pliers instead of a steering wheel! These pliers also known as ‘locking pliers’ were literally locked in place where the base of the steering wheel should have been. This common tool found in most people’s garden shed was being used to direct the car. The police found that it had also been involved in a previous hit and run incident not so long before they found it.

The police took the driver in and charged him with ‘driving while disqualified and returning a positive drug test’.  But you have to admit that it is a pretty inventive way to be driving- although we highly recommend sticking to your steering wheel!

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