Feel the fear: Over coming driving phobia

A curious thing can happen to some new drivers- as soon as they pass their driving test some can develop a fear of driving! Even simple and normally straightforward trips can make these drivers wrought with anxiety.

There are links to panic attacks as the symptoms are very similar. Hot flushes, palpitations and dizziness all accompany that feeling of panic. The root cause of these feelings vary from person to person. Some may not be confident enough in their driving skills, the fear of causing an accident could be a very real one to many. There could also be the thought of losing control of their car completely. Perhaps there will be certain area’s that trigger off those driving panic attacks? Crossing a bridge or approaching a roundabout are both situations that can stress out an under confident driver. Being stuck in heavy traffic can be daunting too as drivers can feel claustrophobic which in itself can cause panic.

Sometimes these feelings are so strong that they will completely avoid driving. They will use public transport to get to work instead.

The cure:

There are ways in which this condition can be overcome. In the cases where a particular incident has caused the traumatic feelings, counselling is a good idea and can help.

There are many online and physical courses that claim to be able to help people conquer these feelings of anxiety. With such a huge variety out there it is difficult to know which could work the best for you.

Taking a refresher course with Want Driving Lessons could be just what you need. Just explain to us a little about how you have been feeling towards driving. Your allocated driving instructor will be sympathetic to your needs and will take into consideration the bad experiences that you have had. Little by little we aim to have you driving confidently once again!






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