Top Driving Distractions

Here at Want Driving Lessons we know how easy it is to be distracted! The slightest thing can take the driver’s attention from the road putting themselves and their passengers in danger- not to mention pedestrians and other road users too. It is not enough to just keep one’s eye on the road- this is where the attention must be too!

Here are some of our top driving distractions to avoid:

Calls or texting: This has to be on the top of our list. Using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet is dangerous while driving. Focus must be on either the call/ online conversation you are having or the road it’s one or the other!

Object of distraction: Next will be something of interest. Perhaps you are driving past a friend? Or a very hot looking somebody! In either case attention will once again be taken off the road and from your driving. Beeping at a friend that you haven’t seen for ages is also not recommended as this can confuse other road users and cause an accident. Simply drive past them and catch up with them later when you are not behind the wheel!

Eating or drinking: We are all prone to those hunger pangs while we are driving. But biting into that blissful burger could cost you a lot more than you may think. Stop by the roadside and finish off your snacks before driving again- it is the safest option!

Smoking: Along the same lines as eating and drinking is smoking. While it might seem like a simple task there is more to this activity than at first thought. Not only will this be a total distraction but the chemical effects on the body will not help either. Whether legal or illegal- drugs and driving are not a good combination!


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