Preparation for driving in the heat

The UK is seeing up to 30 degrees or more this week and next. The extremes of temperature are enough to make even the sturdiest of sun worshipers wilt. Your car is designed to deal with these high temperatures even if you aren’t able too. But it does need looking after.

There are a number of things you can do to keep your car protected from the blazing summer heat we are set to experience over the next few weeks. One of the key things is ‘preparation’. Making your car ready to deal with the extreme heat will make things that much easier!

Your car’s air conditioning system should be functioning well. We recommend getting it inspected before the hot season begins. Make sure it is topped up with coolant before driving out into the hot weather.

Next we would recommend keeping supplies of water in your car. Keeping your car’s supply of water topped up too is also essential and will prevent overheating. This is even more the case when driving out into the country side or other places where services might not be accessible. Both you and your car will need adequate amounts in order to function properly.

Another little known fact is that rubber in tires and hoses can actually break down in extreme heat. The rubber in your widow wipers can also melt in the worst cases.  If they have already disintegrated through the very cold weather of the winter, the heat will destroy them. If they do suffer from these extremes it would be wise to have them replaced once or twice a year at least!

Also have your vehicle’s battery looked at. If you know that it is coming to the end of it’s life then think about having it charged or replaced. A few hot days here and there will completely deplete it of it’s energy.


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