Signalling: Why it’s important to indicate!

It’s one of the most obvious things when it comes to driving. Signalling is an all important aspect. Learner drivers will not be able to get away from it! So just why is it important to flick that indicator lever?

The core reason to signal is to let other drivers know where you are at! Driving can be confusing and car manufacturers got wind of this not too long before automobiles were first on our roads. By signalling if you are about to turn left, drivers in the opposite direction will know to give way if needed. This is the case for pedestrians too. They will know of your intentions as you signal to pullover. Countless accidents have been prevented this way.

It’s not just when you are turning right or left that people need to know. Signalling covers a wide range of different situations. Hazard lights will be used to warn other drivers of a hazard. If your car has broken down these will also be used. Everytime a driver steps onto the brake pedal, lights will flash at the back of the car to warn drivers that he or she is slowing down.

It is above all a form of communication. A language in itself- flashing head lights at another road user could mean a ‘thank you’ or a ‘you can pass’. It’s not always recommended to flash at pedestrians but unofficially many drivers feel it appropriate in some cases when stopping to let them cross.

Signalling is more than using the indicator switch. More often than not drivers will find that they use unofficial hand waves to show other drivers their intentions. Lights are also used in combination with the horn also.

Your Want Driving Lessons qualified instructor will give you these reasons and many more examples of how you will need to signal as a driver!

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