Do you know how to check your engine oil?

Even if you are no car geek- as a driver there are a few things that you will need to know. If you don’t check your car regularly- don’t worry as you are not in the minority. In fact more than half of UK motorists do not check their engine oil levels.

Most drivers will leave this task up to someone else. The mechanics that will carry out the car’s MOT test yearly. Perhaps it will be a friend or relative every once in a while when they think your motor might need a once over.

A survey said that its only about 20% of us that check the engine oil when warned via the light on the dashboard. Over half of us change the oil in our cars just once a year. The rest of us admit that their engine oil had not been changed in over two to three years.

This apparent apathy about regularly inspecting their vehicles may not be a conscious decision, however. According to the survey results, as many as 46% of drivers are unaware of the manufacturer’s scheduled service intervals when it comes to an oil change.

Driving around without enough oil in your engine can cause increased wear on mechanical parts, leading to higher fuel consumption and inflated running costs in the short term, and expensive bills for engine repairs – or even a replacement – in the future.

Checking your oil only takes a few minutes. Firstly park up and allow five minutes for all excess oil to drain from the engine. Find the dipstick and clean it off with a rag. Now its ready to go back into the oil tube. If the oil is below minimum top up the level of oil.

Still confused? Speak to any of the Want Driving Lessons team for a demonstration.

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