Getting comfortable behind the wheel

Among other things a driver should be, being ‘comfortable’ is up there on the important list! But by comfort we don’t mean laying back, kicking off those heels and chillaxing- No driver should ever get that cosy behind the wheel! (unless they are stationary) But a certain amount of comfort will be required, especially if you are a driver who tends to travel long distances on a regular basis.

A certain level of comfort will allow a driver to focus on the road a lot more than his or her own discomfort- thus cutting down the incidences of road traffic accidents. Take for example a seat belt that cuts into your body because it is too tight? The discomfort that this will inevitably cause will put you off driving- your attention will not be where it should!

Here are some helpful tips: For a start one will need to be seated in the proper position. Adjusting the drivers seat to be upright will enable you to observe the road around you through turning around as well as having the full use of the mirrors. The right seat position will automatically allow your body to have some movement as you drive.

Next you should be able to reach all of the controls in your car from the sitting position you are in. You will not have to stretch unnecessarily to get to the indicator lever for example. Steering will be easy accessible from where you are, there will not be any leaning forward to see over the steering wheel. There is nothing stopping you from sitting on a few pillows to help prop you up if you are a little on the shorter side.

There are a million and one ways in which you can enjoy a comfortable and problem free drive. Speak to your Want Driving Lessons adviser on the specifics of comfortable driving! 

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