Zero tolerance for drug driving!


Drug Driving is just as dangerous as drink driving- illegal substances will undoubtedly effect a drivers ability to drive. Many have muscle relaxant properties that will make it difficult to focus on the road thus causing some serious road traffic accidents.

Yesterday the government opted for an absolute zero tolerance stand in the war against drugs. There will be no lea way for drivers who take drugs and then drive. The drugs that are focused on in particular are Ecstasy, Heroin, LSD, Cannabis. There are eight core drugs that will be a covered in the hard new laws on drug driving.

Even small traces of the drug found in the drivers body will be used as evidence for a prosecution. 

Minister for Roads Stephen Hammond announced proposed the same stringent rules for eight other controlled substances. Frequently used drugs in hospital such as tranquilisers Diazepam and Temazepam are included in these. These limits will be much higher than when used to measure illegal recreational drugs like ecstasy and heroin. The consultation on these proposed new laws has begun and will end in September, after which time they will be announced.

Mr Hammond claimed that “Drug-driving is a problem that devastates so many families and ruins lives. That is why we are taking a zero tolerance approach to those who drive under the influence of illegal drugs. We want to send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. We have put forward proposals on dealing with drivers who use certain prescribed drugs. We know the vast majority of people who use such drugs do so responsibly and safely. This is why our approach will not punish drivers who have used ¬†properly prescribed medicines. These proposals will make roads safer for everyone by letting the police use their powers to tackle and control the problem with illegal drugs as well as the relevant prescribed medication.”


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