Making way for Emergencies

There are many things you must learn to instinctively do as a driver. Not parking on double yellow lines for example or in front of a drive ways are just a few ways one can obstruct access. Along a similar vein is moving out of the way when an ambulance is approaching. This is something that is briefly covered in the driving syllabus however it is taken as granted that the student will take note and remember.

But many new students will find themselves feeling like a rabbit caught in the headlights when an ambulance approaches, blue siren screaming and all! But knowing how to react will become second nature after some time and practice.

The first thing many new drivers will do is panic when they hear those sirens. Perhaps they will catch the bright blue lights before the piercing noise. Ok so picture the scene: There’s an ambulance in emergency mode approaching. They want to get through the miles of traffic- this really is life or death! You will want to do all that you can to help in these situations.

The first thing to do although hard is not to panic. Safety is the key here so look for the nearest space in which you can pull up in. There will be other traffic also looking for a space so be practical and cooperative in this case. Safely move out of the path of the oncoming ambulance. Even if you cant fully park, moving your vehicle out of the way will help the ambulance get through.

If you can’t find anywhere to park at all, one of the best things to do is to keep driving until you do find a good place to park in. This is better than stopping in the middle of the road which could cause even worse a obstruction to the ambulance.

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