Google Driving Simulator

Love browsing Google Earth? There is nothing better then spending the hours flying around a virtual earth. At a click of a button we can visit places that we have never been to before. Forget long haul flights just type in your desired location and let your PC or iphone do the hard work for you.

But there is something in the pipeline that will prove even better! Google are currently working on a 2D and 3D driving simulator. Combining a love of wondering around Google Earth and driving, the facility is still very much in the development stage. But you can get a taster for it here:

Just type in your current location and then where you would like to go. The sky view cartoon car will then move really slowly from the one place to the other. But be warned travelling from London to Scotland for example is ‘long’ and you will be there for hours!

Why not set it up while you are networking and check in every so often? There is something strangely appealing about watching a car drive through Google Earth!

But the downside so far is that this sample simulator doesn’t yet have all the Google Earth features we know and love. The close up ground level view for example or the chance to zoom out.

Although Google have ventured into vehicle style games before and they already exist as downloadable add-on’s be warned of fakes. But hopefully soon we could see an online facility so state of the art that it might resemble a game for XBOX 360! Perhaps we will be able to chose the make and model of the car we ‘drive’? Hopefully there will be a speed setting as well as various different ground level view points!

This could prove to be a great tool for learner drivers in the future. Only time will tell if it is- but at the very least it will be a fun way of planning your journey!

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