Top things people look for in a car!

So you have passed your driving test and are already to hit the open road, this is exciting but you will need a vehicle!  Whether you opt for a used car or a new one, there are certain things that will attract you to you new car. In a recent survey done by Auto Trader, these top elements were revealed:

1) The colour is the absolute first thing that attracts people to a new car. For the girly girls a pink or red mini could mean love at first sight! But for both men and women silver topped the list for the most popular shade with a sleek black, blue and green in close second, third and fourth places.

2) The shape of the car is next. It’s been proven to be the second most important thing that many people look for when browsing cars. A sharper more streamlined shape was seen to be preferable. Certain models reinforce this idea, Hyundai and Chevrolet models are top of the list of desired cars. Basically anything that resembles a sporty number usually gets a thumbs up!

3) The make is not as important as perhaps one would think it was. It surprisingly features at number three! But here’s where things buck the trend for sporty cars. People tend to look for the more reliable Ford and Vauxhall cars. Also the four seater family cars topped the polls so it seems that people are looking for practicality over aesthetic.

4) How many miles it has done in the case of a used car will ten be looked at. A good all round 15 to 30,000 miles for a two year old car is about normal. Anymore is enough to put potential buyers off straight away!

5) Shockingly what your mates think about a car is also important. Many of us will seek the opinion of friends or family members before putting down cold hard cash for a car. If it doesn’t impress your friends it’s not the car for you!

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