Cars as Art!

Most of us have a favorite piece of art: Maybe it’s something by Surrealist artist Salvador Dali? Perhaps you are a fan of the more modern Damian Hirst or Tracey Emin. When it comes to street art it’s all about Banksy with those cool graffiti style wall art.

Can a car ever be classed as ‘art’? Well Canadian photographer Sally Davies loves her motor’s and aims to do just this! She has photographed a selection of New York cars as part of her latest works.

Cadillac’s are the archetypal American car! They are big and super sleek in design, just two of the things that make them so iconic. Remember Clint Eastwood movie ‘Pink Cadillac’? These cars have also featured in ‘Sex and the City’.

This alien green colored convertible cannot be passed by. The two seater is a lovely looking vintage car, take a look at those sparkling hub caps! The metallic green is super stunning and looks fab here in the bright sunshine!

The mafia could so be driving around in one of these! It’s stylish even though it’s super stylish at the same time. The typically stunning 1930′s model was photographed at night. This just adds a sinister aspect to the well kept vintage car. As with above check out the shiny hub caps!

It’s not just the shiny well preserved cars that Sally photographs. Take a look at this clapped out old Citroen: It’s seen better days but there is a certain charm about it. Here it is sitting outside a New York city home looking quite comfortable.

There’s nothing we love more here at Want Driving Lessons than a customized car. It seems that the photographer is the same. Here she has snapped a hot rod car! The painted flames are typical of the American ‘pick up truck’ style- We love it!

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