What to do if you have an accident

Road traffic accidents happen in the U.K all the time, it is a fact of life. But what do you do when they happen? Here is Want Driving Lessons quick guide to dealing with minor road traffic accidents:

1) Stay Calm! Resist the urge to get violent no matter how much verbal abuse they maybe hurling at you. You are within your rights to call the police if the situation becomes violent.

2) Stop the car in as safe a place as possible. It is your legal responsibility to stay at the scene. Turn on your hazard warning lights to indicate to others that you have stopped.

3) Call 999 immediately if anyone involved is injured, whether it’s another driver or a pedestrian.

4) Keep a notebook and pen in the car at all times. Take down the names, the addresses and the vehicle registration of the people directly involved as well as the witnesses. Also Take the registration number, make, model and colour of all vehicles in the accident. It is a good idea to get a home number as well as a mobile. You must provide your personal details too. Insurance details must also be swapped between parties.

5) Make a note of other things you think could be relevant. No matter if they seem ‘silly’ or unimportant at the time. Perhaps it was a slight whiff of alcohol on his or her breath. Regardless of whether they claim to have been below the drink drive limit this detail still should be noted.

6) Once you get home notify your insurance company of the accident. Tell them the details. You will not need to notify the police unless there is an injury or there has been damage to someones property.

Although accidents happen, dealing with it in an effective way is key. Want Driving Lessons wish all drivers a long and safe driving career.

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