The Dubai police force: They do it in style!

Dubai is known for it’s immaculate streets, the sky high skyscrapers and notoriously strict laws. Speaking of laws they will obviously have to have a police force fit enough to deal with   criminals as and when they strike. They do everything they can to keep Dubai a drug free and safe community in which to live and visit!

Everything in Dubai is shiny and very expensive- the police force are no different! Just take a look at some of the cars that they get to use on a daily basis! Bugatti Veyron’s Ferrari’s and Aston Martin’s. Bring on all those high speed chases we say:

We introduce you to the Chevrolet Camaro SS! One of the latest cars to join the fleet. It is the first Camaro in the Middle Eastern police force. Yes it’s true that compared to some of the other cars that drive the Dubai city streets it might not be anything to look at- but it is powered by a 6.2 Litre V8 engine. It also boasts a very powerful 426 horse power. Want fast while chasing the criminals? It can almost outrun any illegal Lamborghini when it does speeds of 62 mph in just 4.7 seconds.

The Dubai Police force make themselves known and are a strong presence on the streets of the city. As well as in public places like shopping centers and other tourist destinations. Those start white and green logo’s are unmistakable and look super cool when on these hot cars! It’s not just the smartly dressed police officers that these tourists are photographing! Just take a look at this stunner of a car.

The men and women of the Dubai police force are as professional as any other country’s security. Dedicated to keeping the streets clean but it has got to help driving around in these beauties! Here we see an Aston Martin One-77. No wonder the staff are never late!

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