Preparing for your practical driving test

It’s been months and you have been putting in all those extra hours into your driving test. You have revised your highway code ad nauseum so that there is no chance you will forget your signs. But the big day is around the corner and its all about that essential preparation.

But what is this? And how can you prepare properly. Most people will say that it is like any other practical exam and that you will need adequate amounts of sleep etc… But we at Want Driving Lessons know to prepare properly is a little more than that.

A week before, arrange to have a driving lesson or two set around the area of the driving test centre. This way you will have already had some preparation in the area of the test before the big day!

The obvious is to have a good night sleep as already stated. It will not be easy to pass a practical driving test when you are already physically exhausted. This already impairs the senses. Tiredness is just as detrimental to driving as drinking alcohol is! Also being nervous is only natural so embrace it! There is nothing wrong with having butterflies as you first set off. You want to pass your driving test and nerves are your way of preparing you to do your best.

Organize with your driving instructor to get to the test centre early or in very good time. This will give you some time to get settled and comfortable. 

While actually taking the test remember that you can always ask the examiner to repeat his or her instruction. Do not be afraid to ask as many times as you need to in order to fully understand what you need to do.

If you do make a mistake midway, do not give up all hope believing that you have failed. It may have been a minor mark but not an overall failure.

There are many other tips that your Want Driving Lessons instructor will be able to impart  to you before the test day. 

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