Texting fines!

Sending text messages is second nature to many of us, we do it so often that we hardly notice it. But be warned sending text messages will now incur much harsher penalties.

This is a move to cut down on dangerous driving and it’s consequences, transport minister Patrick McLoughlin said that fines for a range of offences will be rising soon. This increased could be anything up to 50%, especially in the case of being caught sending a text message at the wheel-from £60 to £90!

The penalty points drivers will receive for this will remain at three. This penalty will also cover a number of other driving offences too. Three fixed points on the license and a £90 fine will be incurred for cutting up other drivers, eating or lighting a cigarette at the wheel. It will also cover driving at inappropriate speeds.

New drug-driving laws are in the process of being introduced, along the same lines drivers should note that the current drink-drive limit will not be lowered.

Minister Mr McLoughlin, admitted at a road safety conference that he himself was guilty of using a mobile phone while driving. But having realized the consequences of his actions he would not do so now. He said ”We want to send a very clear message to dangerous drivers: If you continue to show disregard for other road users safety, that we will catch you and punish you.”

Already more than a million drivers have been caught using hand-held devices while driving since 2003 (This was when using a phone for anything other than an emergency call was illegal.)

RAC Foundation’s Professor Stephen Glaister, said: “Both texting and hand-held use of mobile phones at the wheel causes more impairment than being over the drink-drive limit or being under the influence of cannabis. The police must target the large number of motorists continuing to flout the law.”


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