Driving in lane: what is it all about?

Imagine driving without marked lanes! Just think how different things would be without those road markings that we are so used to seeing. What if there were no rules of the roads? We guarantee that there would be a great deal more accidents than there are now!

Road lanes are an important fact of life for many drivers and quite rightly so. These bright yellow or white lines are designed to keep drivers safe. You will need to know your road and lane markings before taking the theory test. You should be able to change lanes effectively and in good time.

How do they work? In a nutshell they keep drivers in check, for example large motorways and dual carriageways will always have lane markings. The fast lane is used to overtake, the middle and slow lanes for driving at a constant speed. When your junction gets closer a road sign will indicate that you need to change lanes and get ready to turn off. You will use the general ‘Mirror-Signal-Manouvere’ technique that you will be taught at Want Driving Lessons.

Lane markings are essential when one is approaching roundabouts. No matter how big or small the roundabout may seem, you will need to be in lane especially when about to take your exit.

Knowing what lane to take and when can sometimes be confusing for beginners. But this is where your expert tuition from Want Driving Lessons will be invaluable. Your driving instructor is well versed in the rules of the road and will teach you to use lanes to your advantage.

It is important to remember that the lanes are there to be helpful and not to make life difficult for drivers. Once you have mastered your lane discipline among other aspects of driving- the world and it’s roads will be your oyster!

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