Learning to Drive: The Beginning

So many of our new recruits come to us with some driving experience already. Many will have driven a few rounds around the desolated industrial park with their parents. Maybe a friend has helped you learn the driving basics on those quiet side roads roads during the early mornings or quiet evenings. Whatever the case this experience although not professional can give you a feel for driving if nothing else.

But nothing beats taking professional driving lessons from fully qualified driving instructors. This is even more important for complete beginners, those who have never been in the drivers seat before. 

Want Driving Lessons offer professional driving lessons for the complete beginner. Our instructors are fully aware and have experience of all the issues that affect the learner driver. Confidence is a number one factor in almost all cases, being in control of a car can be something that many new drivers fear. But with dual controls fitted in all of our automatic and manual cars, you can rest assured that you are not alone. Costs can be another issue that many first time drivers face. Again Want Driving Lessons have a range of packages tailor made just for you- you will have all the resources needed to pass your theory and practical driving test.

The DSA advise that a new learner may need on average two lessons for each year of their life, but we know that this differs from person to person. Your instructor will know when you are ready and will advise you when it is the right time to take the practical driving test. Want Driving Lessons will only ever advise our pupils to take the test when the instructor is fully satisfied that you are capable of passing.

Want to learn to drive or know someone who does? Get in touch with the Want Driving Lessons team today on 0203 086 7988.

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